With Monday Comes Clarity!


Forever, Snoopy and his sayings and antics have represented clear statements resulting from clear thinking:  CLARITY!


The transition I have been experiencing moving to Oberlin is now in the past.  I am one who lives in the present looking to the future.  The wise ones I looked to are no longer providing direction, but this morning started the latest 21-day Meditation program with Deepak Chopra and Oprah–mostly Deepak!  And I am back in my comfort zone with “Hope” being the main theme for the next 21 days.  More than that, the transitional phase is over…I am now an Oberlin resident, and I am finding my pattern, my routine.  All is good once again.

Transitions are like that in any parts of our lives.  Change brings new feelings, new fears, and eventually a new path.  This morning I opened a bank account in Oberlin to be the beginning of The Empower Excellence Experience residence/business construction by 2022.  The building will be called “The Empower Excellence Experience of HOPE”.  The transition is now my new path, and I am happy!

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