Sunday Morning is…Transitioning


The window is open with the promise of 70+ degrees.

The sunshine is out.

My allergies are watery, itchy eyes, runny nose, and waiting for the natural allergy cure to kick in!

A stiff neck from too much sleep from the natural allergy cure from last night having me sleep too long!

And listening…to the birds outside, to the sound of traffic, and to the sound of cackling chickens next door…

But it is also listening to an unsettling voice in my head, heart, and soul saying I am in a transition.  

Oberlin is now home…it is my new threshold which has opened up, parting the old from the new, and plenty of Spirits who have walked me through the transition to Oberlin.  But transition is not a time for fear; it is a time for magic.  It is a time when I listen to my inner guides, it is a time when I tune in to my higher intelligence, and a time when I refuse to tune into any darker fears.  It is me who is creating the next part of my life.

And any uneasiness this morning comes from the need to say goodbye to some of the guides that brought me here for they are no longer what I need.  That includes Doreen Virtue who has made a major change in her approach since she participated in a religious baptism and is now diverting from what I used to depend on.  Her daily messages are no longer delivered at my best time of personal reception when I awake every morning, and they are no longer as deep and meaningful as they once were.  I am a Christian and a follower of Jesus, but that is a part of me that is fully ingrained in me, and it is not a source of inspiration from Doreen.  

Doreen Virtue, thank you for your guidance through my transition, but I am seeking new thought leaders now, and I bless and keep you in my heart.

More recently, Esther Hicks and Abraham were there when I needed them, but I have found that they no longer speak to my heart and soul.  I respect their presence, but even my phone is doing weird things when I tune into them!  

So who or what do I need right now?

I learned many years ago that I am a strong student, but only for the time I need what is being offered, and then I grow restless and move on.  This used to bother me, but it no longer does.  I am a Spirit on a mission, and I am on the path for that mission:  to help others begin a good and healthy relationship with money to allow them to empower their lives in all areas.  I have reached the point over the years that I have asked for what I need, Spirit and the Universe has answered and continues to point me in the right direction.  Every day is a transition, every moment provides what I need in all respects.  It is up to me to be in the moment to listen and to continue…

Staying with Doreen Virtue and Abraham Hicks is not staying in the moment; my moment keeps changing where theirs remains in the past because that works for them.  So, I will share where I land with spiritual guidance when I know.  But for now, and maybe forever, I am listening to God aka The Universe moment by moment, aware of the gifts provided through nature, art, culture, and all the beautiful people in my life and to come into my life.

So, is this what “TRANSITION” is all about?

Transitions can be good or bad or both.  They can dredge up fear, anxiety, and all kinds of emotions.  Even the greatest transitions can bring up unhappy thoughts and fears.  In times of transition, it is faith in yourself, in your family, in your community, in your religious beliefs that can be a support system for you.  An emotional support system, and sometimes more.  What I have learned over the years working with others going through transition of any sort is that emotional support is great, but many times the fears and anxieties can also be related to the future and what that future may hold.  While there are many parts of a transition, there is usually a financial component of uncertainty.  When that is present, walking the path with another who can guide you through that part of the transition does make it easier.  That is my path, and I continue with the guidance from above to walk the transition path with others.

Have a fantastic Sunday listening to the birds, to nature, to the sunshine, to the wind, and to your higher power pointing you to the path that is yours to take!


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