Balancing Empowerment & Excellence!


This depiction of energy reminds me of a child’s pinwheel…simple, yet complicated.  You have to have the energy, the wind, to make it spin; and yet it is the basis of energy windmills today.  You have to have the balance of wind and a lack of intervention when the wind is blowing to allow it to do its thing!

This is also true of “balance” in our lives.  We naturally seek it out as in sleep when we are tired.  Eat when we are hungry.  And so much more.  It is when we allow the mind to step in and do what it thinks needs to be done that the balance is thrown out of whack.  Just sayin’.

And it is true with empowerment and excellence:  the human is programmed before birth to be excellent.  It is the empowerment that gets lost in the process and has to be allowed to come back into its own realm.  Just sayin’.




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