Sundays are Always a Little Brighter!

First Church of Oberlin 3 20 17

First Church of Oberlin is where I really became acquainted with the city of Oberlin in the early 2000’s…

Now, on a Sunday, I do try to attend whenever possible.  I went to bed yesterday and awoke this morning with that intention, and it was all so different for me.  My meditation time this morning before church had me a lot closer to my God than ever before.  Part of that may be because I have made the intention to really create The Empower Excellence Experience full steam as my emphasis this month of April!  And that has all come from God!

Church was good as was the congregation meeting afterwards about the City’s approval of an electronic sign, one of the first in Oberlin, for First Church.  Of course, there are some who feel that it is not “neighborly” to do this.  But it is.  We are spreading the good word of the church and the town moving into the future.  It is all in good taste, and I like it!  God has not stood still…and God wants to move ahead always.  The vote comes in three weeks…

Oberlin is grounded in the past but with an eye to the future…and I am here witnessing it today!

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