Confused Vibrations…


With this being the end of the week and the end of the month of March and day four of Biocell, I am slightly confused.  The dreams returned last night with very clear personalities doing things that were totally out of character.  A very good friend who is a local, highly esteemed business coach, appeared selling cosmetics with great fervor and looking great, by the way!  Another networking friend attended a meeting and proceeded to cut two of my credit cards in half without explanation.  Understand, this person is a professional who works in a very studious environment and is one of the most pious people I have ever met!  Added to that, I appear partially nude in the dream encouraging a male participant in the dream to comment about how “hippy” I am!  Really!

If this is all Biocell, then we are in for a very energizing trip with this util my internal system becomes familiar with the healthiness I am providing it.  More than that, my digestive system is “asking” what in the hell I am doing…It will all settle down, I know.  Intuitively, I am looking forward to my next 24 hours.

But it is like the weather, to be honest.  A former friend, and I say former, because this was at least the third try I have given to forgive and move on to what once was a good relationship.  But it is Spring in Cleveland and Oberlin, and that means rain and plenty of it. We had planned a day in Oberlin for yesterday, but the planning was a month ago.  I am focusing on balance, which includes family and friends.  The family part is working, but this friend cancelled as she was about to arrive because it was raining.  Ok, it is raining; we do not melt!  And it takes a lot of determination for a workaholic like me to carve out a day to spend with a friend during the week.  I was not upset, but I was mentally perturbed, and I gave her an alternate date in three months.  Seriously, I block out work days and family days with grandsons and friends.  In three months, it could very well be raining, but I am not counting on it…the weather will be what the weather will be, but it is bad omen for this friendship, I guess!  It will all settle down, but I am not counting on seeing this friend…It could be too sunny that future day!  But Biocell kept me humming along!


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