Want a Little More Vibrating?


Day Two of Biocell…All is good, and dreams are even more personal and vibrant!  The current edition had to do with the design of clothing–clear, crisp, meticulous–and the designing of houses–clear, crisp, meticulous!  Imagine that!  

And Abraham Hicks had everything to do with focus, only on what I want, not on what has gone before!  Clear, crisp, meticulous!  

And the vibration encapsulated in the photo above for the second day in a row is clear, crisp, meticulous!  can you guess how I am feeling?

Feelings about money when they become cloudy, uncertain, worrisome, are usually about our experiences from the past.  It is dreams and hope that bring our lives with money to be more focused.  Dreams and hopes are about moving forward!  

So, money with me right now is focused and clear and crisp.  It is flowing, and my dreams of the future are flowing; and there was one new element in last night’s dreams…a relationship interest!  Ok, maybe that is the future.  But in the words of Abraham Hicks, maybe I am just not yet ready, but I am getting ready.

And Biocell is a monthly investment in me and all that I want…so Biocell is working on the mental and emotional level.  The body is energized but very relaxed.  When 9 PM hits, I am ready to sleep.  I am still waking about 5:30-6:30, and that becomes my social media, thinking, and meditating time!  All is good!

With Biocell, food is not a pervasive thought, although that is not its purpose.  It is to feed all of my cells at the cellular level to heal and protect into the future.  There is no outward sign of change in only two days, but the inner Spirit is calm and happy, even with iced coffee!  That is enough for two days!  Calm and happy; care to join me?


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