Good, good, good Vibrations!


Many years ago there was a song about good vibrations…easy to sing along to and hummmmm.  Kind of like what happens when you feel that there are good vibrations with your energy in all parts of your life.  Energy has been a favorite topic of mine over the years in my business, in my blogging, and in my life.  Energy is the key component of all in life.  It is what was shared in the Big Bang billions of years ago.  It carries us through life on good days and bad, and it extends to every part of our life including our money!

It is no wonder that I have been playing off of energy for years, because it is one of the key components of having a good money relationship.  And now with the expansion of both my personal and professional lives with the move away from the typical suburban enclave of Westlake, Ohio to Oberlin, Ohio, which is anything but a suburban enclave, I have pulled together new components for what is now The Empower Excellence Experience.  

Anyone who has known me for years knows that healthy food is a passion of mine, but it takes a good money relationship for people to allow themselves to eat and live in a healthy food environment.  I have been involved on various levels with this over the years, but now it will become part of my business in April–stay tuned for that!

But March began my journey for which preparation began several months ago to learn how to live to be at least 104.  This also requires an excellent money relationship on many levels.  If you are constantly stressed–and money is one of the top bad stressors–you will not live to that age.  I knew this, and I began my business on money relationships over 5 years ago, not counting all of my professional training to prepare me for this role.  But longevity is key.  Without the desire and the intent, it will not happen.  Without the proper preparation–and that takes money–it will not happen.  But more than that, I am not a pill popper, tv commercial latest best product to make you look younger person.  So how do I prepare to live and look great at 104?  

Like anything in my life, the pure intention manifested itself through trusted friends several months ago.  Something that made total sense on a very personal level.  The more preparation and research, the more I knew and felt that Biocell, now owned by Modere, a clean living company, was the path of least resistance to take in this quest.  Before I would share it with others, I needed to experience it.  But there was so much to do in other areas of my life including the life changing move after 12 years to Oberlin.  So it waited, and last week I ordered my first shipment of Biocell.  It arrived right when I intended for it to arrive as I finished off supplements I have been taking for several years.  The box sat waiting at my front door after a busy day in Cleveland.  With a clean supplement regimen shelved for now, I began my daily adventure with Biocell last evening.

Like anything, there can be side effects, but I am most amazed at what the side effect was last night.  I am an 8-10 hour sleeper, and I love it because it keeps me happy, healthy, and productive!  But, WOW, in addition to sleeping very well, I had very graphic life appropriate dreams all night, but I still awoke refreshed and could have stayed in my pj’s all day–a total sense of well being.  The dreams?  About where I moved from, about friends who I am regrowing relationships with, and all was good!  The only strange thing:  my garage door opener for Oberlin opened the garage door where I lived in Westlake last night, and that brought a big smile to my face in the dream!  Meaning?  Do not know, do not care!  All is good…

So, why am I blogging about it this morning?  Because a good money relationship allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone to expand my potential for longevity.  It takes money to live a long life, and it also takes the willingness to spend the money knowing that the Universe will replace it.  I want to see how this works out for me.  If it works well, I will share more about the Biocell.  And do not begin the thought process that this has to be expensive.  That is a treacherous road when you do not put yourself and your desires first.  There are ways, when you have a good money relationship, to have it all…all that you desire with love for yourself in your life!  Start the loving, I have!


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