Is this a Conspiracy?

The Universe Once You Decide

Moving to Oberlin has been really good, and it has awakened in me the reasons I moved here.  It was to begin a new phase of my life, and I am rolling out new programs that will become part of The Empower Excellence Experience.  But, like all new things, old things get replaced…and that has been hard for me.

But it is getting easier as I become more rested and aware of my own personal intentions.  The temptress of being in Greater Cleveland is losing her attraction.  I need to be here to build the expanded version of Empower Excellence.  And, my thoughts and meditations are bringing me back to my reasons for being here.

Let’s use yesterday as an example, I drove 120 miles roundtrip for two clients in a distant county.  They have been long-term clients.  Lots has been accomplished with them, but they are both suddenly stagnating and not moving forward.  It is known that I am a strong accountability coach, and nonsense is not tolerated.  It does not serve the client well to allow them to fall behind and lose focus.  Well, one client received notice today that yesterday was our last session since she has changed her future path!  The second client now has an accountability schedule before our next contingent session!  

They are both a part of my past with coaching.  My coaching moving forward will be looking for people who have a strong core to accomplish their goals.  In some cases, that will be a strong Spiritual core.  But, I am not messing around with my resources to make clients feel that they are accomplishing things simply by having a coach!  My path and mission are stronger than that!  This is all a part of releasing the past…and it  is important for clients seeking financial empowerment

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