Oh Boy, I Am Limitless!

Limitless Possibilities

since I wrote my blog yesterday, I could really use those blue balloons to fly away…

but that was yesterday, and today is Thursday!

and everything is possible.

I already know from decades of past history that I am strong, I am a professional, and The Universe is walking with me hand in hand through every moment of every day.  And those facts have been tested much in the last 24 hours, but i know that all things are possible.  

but today is Thursday…

The brand new order of business cards which disappeared in the move will show up when the time is right.  For now, I have a small amount until the new order arrives!

The stove, which I was finally brave enough to take apart to wash the drip pans this morning was worthy of a picture because someone forgot to clean the underside of the stovetop and it was photo worthy!  But the Norwex scrubber cloth from my daughter-in-law proved its worth this morning!  

A new member for our Professional Women’s Connection had submitted her application 10 days ago, and now she has bad feelings about her industry.  She is looking to leave the industry.  Oh well, there are hundreds who can take her place, and several are already working on that!

The pink top that I chose to wear this morning after thinking before I took my shower that the one spot on it now qualifies it for a sleeping shirt now has two spots — one a result of the stove cleaning–self-fulfilling prophesy!

And, yes, there is cash flow involved in several of these happenings this morning, but…

Once you learn that money does flow, you know that there are limitless possibilities to replace the cash because I am LIMITLESS!



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