The Town That Started the Civil War…

Oberlin Underground Railroad Sign 3 20 17

Unfolding my history in Oberlin must include the book by Nat Brandt “The Town That Started the Civil War”, which I read about a year ago as I began my journey to live here.  If you have ever been to Oberlin, this is a must read.  It is more than just a story about the Underground Railroad; it is so much history about the founding of Oberlin.

But, now it is my history as an Oberlin resident, and I am yearning to learn all I can about my town.  Walks, lectures, meeting elders of the community are all a part of my future.  I cannot tell you why it is important, but it is not for me to tell you that.  It just is, and I am here, and I will be a part of the history of Oberlin moving forward.  It just is…


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