Why Believing In Yourself is #1!

Spirituality 1

After two consecutive days of working with clients on their money relationships, it with gratitude the I share this thought:  Believe in yourself!

Even on days when the sun is not shining, the clouds are low, and it looks like it will storm, You have to believe in yourself!  

The first step to creating a great money relationship is to believe in yourself!  

So, how do you begin to believe in yourself?  Start with talking to yourself in the mirror.  Let your thoughts come out.  Include the doubts, the worries, the fears.  And then progress to what it is that you are grateful for.  At first, you will find it difficult to look yourself in the eye and share your private thoughts with YOU!  Really, if not with YOU, then WHO?  Trust that the process works.  You have to SEE yourself as WORTHY of this conversation…YOU ARE WORTHY!  Try it….


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