Not Leaving Home is Interesting!


And too snowy, but I am beginning the final piece of the expansion of Empower Excellence into the The Empower Excellence Experience.

Every part of The Empower Excellence Experience is to Empower Your Life by Empowering Your Money.   The foundation will remain Empower Excellence which is improving your money relationship through every part of your life and every transition,

Already introduced  in the expansion to The Experience is The Practice in Oberlin.  Simply put, this is the segment of The Experience that allows your life to empower your spirituality and your spirituality to empower all areas of your life.

Modere is Your Money Empowering Your Personally Sustainable Life through clean living and other paths.

Now in the planning is a healthy “Pampered Chef”.  This piece allows your money to empower your nutritional life.

Money is a part of every area of our life.  The Empower Excellence Experience covers the financial, spiritual, nutritional, and sustainable areas of your life.  They are linked together but they are offered cafeteria style meaning you participate in what you need or desire.

Empower Excellence offers in-person as well as on-line coaching through Skype.   It also offers regional women’s networking to grow businesses (All about the money!) in Lake, Cuyahoga, and Lorain Counties.  

The Practice is an in-person group weekly experience.

 Modere is social marketing on line with personal guidance.

 “Healthy” Pampered Chef will be virtual and in-person when desired.  

So, yes, even when it is too snowy or too peopley out there, The Empower Excellence Experience will be available, and I will be living an empowered experience in my new personal and professional home in Oberlin!



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