Home is Where the Heart Is…Especially on a “Snow Day”

She believed she could

At 4:30 am, looking out my front window on to Route 58 in Oberlin, the wind was blowing, the streets were unplowed, and it was so cold!  All the schools in Northeast Ohio were closed by 7 AM, and my two appointments with financial planners with a recent client were being discussed as to whether we should venture out for the 25 mile trip with a weather alert active until tomorrow night…She was not comfortable with doing that, and we mutually declared a snow day!

There was a time recently that I would have ventured out–I am woman, here me roar!  

That was before I moved to Oberlin.  Part of my conscious reason for the move was to put my life into the vortex I wanted it to be in.  For far too many years, I did what others expected, and they expected that I could and would walk on water, or snow, to keep an appointment.  I do try to carry out my commitments, but a week into my move, my home is just beginning to feel like home, and I needed a day not to venture into inclement weather–and I had a client who is being coached to take control of her life as well.  She made the decision for herself, and I did not disagree.  So here I am, and I am working beautifully because I believed I could, and I did.

This is empowerment.  I coach others on empowerment, and I am glad it is totally taking hold in my own life…I am living my values, and it feels good.



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