changes, changes, changes…


It is a time of change for all but it is also a time of great changes for me.  The winning of the Connectors’ Choice Award from CBC Magazine in Cleveland, the move from Westlake, Ohio to Oberlin, Ohio, the rollout of the next two phases of The Empower Excellence Experience all has happened in the last ten days.  And then the time change in Ohio to Daylight Savings Time this weekend…That is the one that gets me.  I wake up at the same time but it is an hour later….But all is ok…

With the move has come a change of behavior patterns, and yesterday was designated by me as a balance day.  The first time back at First Church in Oberlin meeting people for the first time and for the second time in 12 years followed by preparing to do grocery shopping back in the Westlake area until I can make it to the Farmers’ Market this weekend to begin that shift, then on to my first Windsong Choral Concert in Lakewood, Ohio, and then back to Oberlin by 8 PM.  Does not sound like balance to me unless you consider that every day is packed with activity.  Yesterday’s activity was all on the personal level.  

So today, in view of all of the changes, I do have a full agenda, but I am playing it cool.  I have learned that change can take a toll on the human body and spirit.  I am not going that route.  The rest of the week is fully packed with Cleveland area client activities, unless, of course, the SNOW STORM that is predicted makes all of that not possible.  But for now, today is a work day in my office, and I am laying it cool.  Laundry is in the dryer, the new mailperson has delivered mail and learned that I am unit #2, not #1, and that I live here, and a last minute need for one of my networking members has been completed.  I have also learned that my move will save me close to $200 a year in insurance premiums for my car and duplex.  So all in all, it is a very cool day…

And if the 48 hour weather alert materializes, it will be even cooler…snow days for all for a day or two!

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