The Practice at Oberlin 2017

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In 2008, after searching for months for a diagnosis for what I and Cleveland Clinic doctors chronologically labeled strep throat, sinus infection, allergies, and more, I finally secured an appointment with Dr. Keith Jordan.  Keith was recommended by my ministers, my friends, and many more.  There was only one problem when this began, Dr. Keith Jordan was not accepting new patients.  Finally, after 6 months on a waiting list, I made my first visit to Dr. Keith Jordan.  As I have always promised, there is no need to go back and rehash the details.  All that matters is moving forward with a little understanding of what has happened before today.

In 2011, and I am now a true believer in the spiritual and medical intuitive Keith, THE PRACTICE was written.  Of course, I read the book.  Of course, I attended the public discussion sessions on his personal practice and the book held at first at The Holiday Inn in Independence, Ohio.  Of course, I attended  subsequent sessions at Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood, Ohio.  I trusted Keith, and I learned a whole new way of life.

In 2015, my friend Beth, having returned to the Vermilion area for the summer, invited me to attend the current Practice sessions at Optimal Wellness Center.  The sessions began in May, this was June, and I saw no reason to attend weekly sessions on a book I had read and reread and had participated in endless sessions.  Life was full with two young grandsons, plans to move to Oberlin, and the continued growth of my business Empower Excellence.  And then in July, Spirit moved me to attend.  There was no logical reason, but I have learned to listen to my intuition and Spirit.  I began attending.  Several weeks later, the reason for my attendance became clear:  I was meant to begin a Practice group in Oberlin.  Mind you, I knew I was moving to Oberlin; I had no idea when this would manifest.  I just knew!  Keith’s smile when I told him was the ultimate sign of acceptance of my plan.  Several weeks later, I shared my plan with the total discussion group, which really had become “family”.  

It is 2017.  I have moved to Oberlin within the week.  There is interest in having a Spirituality program in Oberlin as well as interest within a local church to host the weekly sessions.  On Tuesday of this week, Dr. Keith Jordan announced the last session of The Practice at Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood would occur on Tuesday, March 14th, and he shared that I am beginning a group in Oberlin.  The group will be The Practice at Oberlin.  The Universe and Spirit are working on the rollout, I am simply the instrument through which they work…

So, what is the Practice?  To quote Keith’s back cover sharing the words that came through him from God to write the book:  “Don’t write a book about me, Keith.  Too many of them already”, God said.  “Write a book about Life instead.  People don’t connect me with their ordinary, every-day lives.  They think I’m somehow outside their lives.  They don’t get that I am life, Keith.”

Keith knew it had to be a different kind of book.

God said, “I know, Keith, show people how to practice living fully and loving their lives unconditionally.  That’s how they’ll honor me most…And begin to see their undeniable presence in their lives.”

And God offered to help Keith…

The Practice at Oberlin will begin to offer this to whomever wants to participate.   It is a spiritual practice group encompassing daily life and patterned after the Book.  The discussions become reflective of the participants and their lives that they choose to share or not share.  There is no religious doctrine espoused.   Details about the Oberlin group will unfold as they are made known to me.  

For now, I will share that The Practice at Oberlin is a major manifestation in my life much the same as my company Empower Excellence and my move to Oberlin have been manifestations that have totally changed my life in the past five years.  The Practice at Oberlin will become part of The Empower Excellence Experience in 2017.

Begins Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30-7:30 PM The Meeting House of First Church, Main and Lorain Streets, Oberlin, Ohio   More Information Jan Litterst 440-670-2252


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