Changing the World One Breath at a Time…

Butterfly   By Example

The move to Oberlin is complete…the rest is in the details, but this is my first day back in my office, and I admit it felt strange not being here and just as strange being here this morning.

With winds gusting outside my window and promising to reach 50-60 mph gusts today, the sun is shining, the trees are budding, and the water at the back of the property looks like a lake.  I love being able to commune with nature while working.  

It has been a very productive morning, which I will not bore you with; but, I will say that sometimes you cannot depend on someone.  And that happened this morning, but it is not a game changer.  I had a web appointment with someone who offered to have me as one of their test clients several months ago and then nothing happened.  Nothing happened again this morning.  I am forgiving but I am not silly to believe that it will ever happen.  Enough of that. 

Oberlin is now home having moved this past weekend from suburban Westlake, Ohio to Oberlin, Ohio, the home of Oberlin College, the Underground Railway, and sustainability unlimited.  Living in Oberlin is living a sustainable life.  This is all part of the reason I moved here.

There are some very strong indicators that life is changing for me.  There is no microwave.  The water and sewer provisions have me conserving water totally.  There is no garbage disposal; this is the home of recycling food waste, if there is any.  Composting will begin for me very soon.  There is a garden plot outlined in my .75 acre backyard.  I am .4 of a mile from the town square.  I have recycled over 60 egg carton boxes this week which I had used for the move.  They were provided by my local grocery store in the Westlake area.  The boxes were delivered this week by me to the Oberlin Community Services food distribution site.  

And this is just the beginning.

I no longer have a corporate internet/cable provider.  There is the Oberlin Cable Co-Op, and it is up and running without a glitch.  The utilities–electric, water, sewer, trash–are all provided by the city.  Yes, there is a cost, but the individuals I have dealt with on all counts have been professional in every way.

Now, as a financial transition coach, this is my largest transition in a long time.  To make this intention a reality was not inexpensive as anyone who has moved can tell you.  I am not going into detail, I simply amazed myself that I was able to make it happen within 2 months of learning that I had found an acceptable place to live in Oberlin.

In a future blog, I will share some of the photos of my living retreat, and it is just that.  From the first night, I have slept totally well and through the night.  Life is flowing, and I am back with the blog and all other activities of Empower Excellence, including the rollout of The Empower Excellence Experience.  

The first piece to be added is The Practice at Oberlin, a spiritual opportunity patterned after The Practice with the Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood, Ohio.  Tomorrow we will share what it is and when and where it will begin to rollout…

Yes, the world is changed by our example, and opinions are of little consequence once we align with our purpose.  I am about to make whatever contribution I can during this time of tumultuousness in our government and leadership.  I intend to exit these four years of the current administration having made a contribution to help as many as I can become healthy and well with their financial relationships.  The money part is in its fifth year.  And I have learned that there is a spiritual component that can really help that relationship attain its highest potential.  The Practice at Oberlin will contribute to not only that but also to those seeking a spiritual family with or without organized religion in their community.  And there are two more components which will fall into place at the right time.  One has to do with how money affects health and nutrition.  The last has to do with the financial relationship to longevity.  

The move to Oberlin is finished, but moving into living in Oberlin has just begun…  


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