Spring Brings Transformation…

Butterflies Ohio MultiColor

Yes, Spring is coming, and the beautiful butterfly reminds us that, like the butterfly, spring is transformation.  It is an awakening of all things natural.  This is a good reminder that human beings are natural while money is not.  Money cannot transform your life, but you can transform your money life.  You, the human being.    It is amazing what you can transform in your life.  Give it a try as Spring gradually slides in over the next three weeks…pay attention to your money relationship–what do you like, what do you not like.  Like the winter fading away for a while, Spring blossoms and blooms, you can have your money life bloom and blossom.  It takes the warmth of your love, like the sun on the flowers, the nurturing of your thoughts, like the rain on the bulbs and seeds, and the knowing that you can grow with your money relationship, like the faith that the planted seed or bulb will grow…


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