Vermilion Started It All…


My time in Vermilion from 1997 to 2004 began it all…my move to Oberlin!  Vermilion was  a romantic notion, and it became the saga of The Money Pit, the lonesome days of winter, and a yearning for something more.  I was given Vermilion to learn what I liked and what I did not like.  It was the point from which I discovered Oberlin; and, while it is not on the water, Oberlin became much more of what I am.  I discovered the Vermilion slate “welcome” sign as I am finishing up my packing for Oberlin, and I already know that it will be displayed at my home in Oberlin because Vermilion is where it all started.  It is all part of the story, a part of my life where I discovered “flow” and spirituality.  It was a good starting point to move away from all things that had been in my life.  Vermilion was the starting point of allowing myself to go with the flow, and the flow continues today.

Thank you, Vermilion!


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