No Matter How Brave, You Can Still Cave!


This is a happy blog.  Yes, it is.  For I am convinced that no matter how well your life is going, there will be moments when you can ask yourself “WTF?”

One week from the move to Oberlin, I found myself going through the gyrations of why am I doing this?  All of the money it is costing, I could be feeling secure for a while financially as I continue to build my business, BUT…

That is not what I want.  I have already shared all of the reasons for my move to Oberlin, and I am energized by the whole venture.

That is the reason, I needed to be energized for the many more years of my life.  And this move is doing it!

This is one of the reasons that I work with clients going through transitions of all sorts.  It is the transition that recharges a life, not only financially but also emotionally and mentally and spiritually.  It is the money that can cause me or someone else to cave.  No more, transitions are an answer.  Money can cause you to cave, but be BRAVE1



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