Your Inner Voice is Talking…

Live Your Purpose

Many years ago following the release of the book and movie “The Secret”, I learned all about the Power of Attraction, I believed what it talked about, I understood the concept, but I really had not connected it to what I do with money relationships.  I was very wrong!  It is all about this.  But more than that, I am at a different trail marker on my life path.  I am now ready to embrace the Power of Attraction, but there is so much more to it than what The Secret shared.  I understand spirituality, Source, manifestation, and so much more at a deeper level than a number of years ago.

And the beauty of it all is that I have traveled with many teachers and students along this path who have taught me so much formally and informally.  One of those teachers has been in my life since 2008.  He really does not like notoriety, but he would recognize that it is he if he read this.  He is a spiritual intuitive who is also a medical intuitive.  I have learned so much form him, and several years ago he wrote a book called “The Practice” and began informal group sessions in various forms since then.  I have been a fairly active participant, and, when I am in Oberlin, a group following “The Practice” will begin there.  It is spirituality without a religious component.  Religion may play a part in many lives; but, in this situation, religion is there but it is not a part of “The Practice” groups.  “The Practice” is about spirituality.  

Combining my spirituality with my knowledge of manifestation and more, my life has become a wondrous flow, and I am so happy with it.  In recent months, my curiosity brought me back to “Abraham” and Esther and Jerry Hicks, the authors of many books channeled through Esther from Abraham.  It took a while for me to wrap my arms around the channeling part, but now “Abraham”/Hicks u-tube sessions are a major part of my life.  They are inspiring, they are spiritual without preaching spirituality.  Bringing Abraham and Esther into my personal mix has been quite powerful.

In the last 24 hours, the reality on all counts of my moving from the typical Northeastern Ohio suburb of Westlake to a very nontraditional college town named Oberlin, a longtime dream and intention, really hit hard:  emotionally, spiritually, socially, financially, and more.  Any major move, and this one comes after 12 year s in Westlake, is an emotional marker.  I am fine with it.  Sleep always helps, and after 5 hours of sleep, I awoke to my routine in the early morning hours.  That routine includes Abraham, and this morning was provided by Source inasmuch as there were 3 sessions I listened to, and they all applied to exactly where I am and where I am going.  So much so that I shared them on my Facebook pages.  They made a major impact as I continue moving forward.  

All I have learned before this move, and that includes decades of living, has prepared me for this move.  I am a spiritual, social entrepreneur who is involved with the community, with the political scene (after 16 years in government and politics)in a very distant way, and I have a great core family.  But this move is for me…to continue to grow Empower Excellence, my company, into The Empower Excellence Experience, a comprehensive, loosely woven approach to being well in all respects including wellness with the money relationship, wellness in spirituality, wellness with nutrition and local food, and aging wellness naturally.  All blend with my core concepts of personal sustainability.  It is the rebirth of Janice Marie, and my Inner Voice is alive and well and talking….


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