What is Your Story?


Many years ago, I learned that one of my strengths was in story telling, especially about money.  Story telling allows a person to relate through someone else’s story.  It is as old as the ages and yet every story, sometimes told and retold, is a new listening experience.  The heart and the head react, and sometimes even the soul has a part.  

What I have learned over the past year especially is that story telling is also a very powerful tool to manifest your desire.  A year ago, I began the story of moving to Oberlin, and I shared it with many.  I know without a doubt some began to wonder about my being out of touch with “reality”.  There may have been a microsecond when I had that thought, but I soon let it go because I saw how story telling can become your true desire becoming reality–I did this when I created my company Empower Excellence in 2012.  There was never a doubt that I saw the story unfolding of helping folks with their money relationships.  Of course, the story did not include the hardships and sacrifice I experienced during the last five years, but I never doubted the veracity of the story.  Now, five years later, my story was Oberlin, and in a week I begin the physical move.  It happened, once again, without a doubt.  Yes, it was faith.  But it was also learning that God and the Universe know when your story  is your path and all conspire with you to make it your present moment.  It is with gratitude that I now move into the next story.

March 1, a pivotal date.  Twelve years ago I made the move from the home in Vermilion to Westlake.  Intentions along the way were modified as they usually are.  But March 1, 2017, is significant in many ways.

That morning I should have the keys to 309 N. Main Street in Oberlin.  The internet and cable will be installed, the business will be up and running in theory.  Later that day, I attend the Cleveland Business Connects Awards Dinner where Professional Women’s Connection, my regional women’s networking group, is in the top five in its category for the second year in a row.  Win or lose, it is significant, and I will be the only one representing the group as the ticket price is steep for a woman entrepreneur.  The story of Professional Women’s Connection is a good one, but it is only a part of the pivotal day of March 1.  Also, The Empower Excellence Experience becomes a reality that day when all the pieces and parts will be shared over the coming days of March.  It is all about Money and the role it plays in finances, nutrition, health, wellness, and spirituality.  It is the foundation of my future and the futures of many.

It is the next story, and it will be shared here and elsewhere…like I said, I am a good storyteller!  And this story, like all of my stories, has a great deal to do with “Energy”….


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