When Limits of the Moment Affect Your Vision for Your Future…


My mission and my topic is money.  Not greed, just helping people create a great relationship with their money.  It is amazing to me when folks in business just totally walk away from opportunities, and that means they are walking away from business, and they are walking away from money.  WTF!  In the last several days, I have experienced this first hand.  

Today is a federal holiday, and I have chosen to work.  I scheduled a 9 am about 20 miles from my home as I had a client appointment on the book further down the road later today.  My client was ill and cancelled three days ago.  I gave thought to rescheduling the 9 am but thought that this was an opportunity for me to meet this person for  a one-on-one.  If they were as dedicated as I am to schedule our meeting on a holiday, then I would be there, too.  I was there 20 minutes early, and 20 minutes after nine, having left a voicemail at 9:10 to clarify our meeting and received no return call, I let a text message that 20 minutes was my limit to wait, then I received a phone call that the 9 am party had overslept.  The reasons do not matter, they did not call for any reason and left me sitting there.  This is not professional business etiquette. (Period, no matter what the reason).  Their meeting with me was to see if they would be added to the list of financial professionals I refer to.  My suggestion was that this professional follow up with me in Mid-March to see “if” we could reschedule.  If the party concerned is reading this, that is fine.  They need to be aware of the impression they are leaving and that they are walking away from opportunities.

It happened as well a few days ago when I met with a professional to whom I had indicated I was interested in scheduling an appointment with them.  When we met, their time was adequate but they had to leave before I had to, and they left the meeting never asking to schedule the appointment.  Once again, it left the taste of unprofessionalism in my mind.  Will I reach out to them again to schedule; probably not.  It is not up to me, and there are others who I can receive the same services from.  It really is unreal to me…

Usually, I would not blog about this, but it really is all about what I do with money relationships.  Money is a tool, but it needs to be taken seriously.  Any relationship that is taken for granted, money or not, is not in good stead.  The message sent to the Universe is that the money does not matter to your business or that your business is something you do not take seriously.  If that is your approach, then do not expect me to take the responsibility to take your business seriously when you do not.  

Ironically, this is not a venting.  I am smiling as I write this as it makes it so easy to decide whether or not to do business with some folks.  Take your business seriously, including respecting me as a potential client in whatever form, and I take you seriously and help you do whatever I can to help you build your business.  It is that simple with money!

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