Money Can Bring You to Your Knees !


I want to go to the beach….

And I will because there I find peace, I find strength, and I find calm.  It is time to go to the beach after many decades of learning who I was and then changing to find out who I really am.  I am now there, and it feels good, and it feels strong!  And money has been involved every step of the way.

Money and my parents’ view was “There is not enough money for that!”

Money and my ex-spouse’s view was “There is not enough money for that.”

Money as a single parent was “There is never enough money for that.”

Money as a new me…”I believe the Universe will provide.”

Quite a switch, right?  Yes, it is.  I just had to remains strong through all of the past years to get to be where I am today as a person and with money.  I am still smiling, and I will go to the beach this year.  I will find peace, strength, and calm because I have found how money works:  I “ask” (I desire), Source (my God) answers, I begin the journey, and I become confident in my journey.  It works…

I have used this over the years, and I have become better at it.  How?  I finally tuned into my faith that I will be provided for.  My biggest ask was my upcoming move to Oberlin, Ohio.  In two weeks, I will be writing my blog from there.  It is amazing how this journey flowed.  It will continue to flow because now I truly believe.

My next ask:  the beach!

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