Do You Struggle With Money?


Do you struggle with money?

Many people struggle with various tools, whether they be for fixing cars, gardening, or working in the kitchen.

If they have not been exposed to the tool and how to use it from an early age, it is a foreign entity in their life.  As adults, when tools are not easy to adapt to, or we choose not to take the time to adapt, the struggle can continue forever.

Money is a tool.  Money can be a struggle if it is not introduced at an early age with comfort.  The older we get, and we continue to struggle with any tool including money, the pain never goes away.

Think of money as a tool.  Begin to familiarize yourself with it.  See what emotion is holding you back and continuing to present a struggle for you.  You can get better with a tool–understanding the function, learning the benefits, and practicing until you are confident.


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