Financial Wellness….What is It?


When it comes to money, everybody wants to tell you how to invest, how to save, how to retire rich.  That is like telling someone that they will be well every day of their life. Does not happen that way.  Life is a balancing act.  Life is ups and downs.  Life is learning as we go.  We know we want to be well physically and emotionally, but sometimes life gets in the way.  It is the same with financial wellness.  We all know that there are things we need, that there are things we want, but we hold onto our dreams, hoping that it will all come together.

Financial wellness to banks is having a checking account and a savings account and a financial planner with the bank–they want it all, they want all of your money that it.  That is their business.  Financial wellness to a financial professional is having all of your assets with them so that they can guide you through the needs, the wants, and the dream.  That is their business.  And then there is basic financial wellness.

Basic financial wellness is you feeling good, feeling confident thinking and talking about money and YOUR money.  That is financial wellness.  It is the empowerment tool for you to talk with anyone at any time about money, including your banker and your financial professional.  It is the basic tool to learn about everything YOU need to know about money…It is YOU in the raw about money.   This is you in your light and feeling good with the people who surround you because they appreciate you in the raw.


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