Just Ask, It Will be Delivered…


Dr. Seuss was really adult wisdom!  Many of us did not realize this until we became adults.  Today, there is a lot of instant gratification illness circulating.  Everyone has become used to the internet of the world bringing just about everything from toothpaste to love to our door.  Gone are the days when it took a while for us to receive what we have asked for.

With Dr. Seuss, we can ask for wisdom, and it took years to have it delivered.  Patience and the ability to wait — no matter how long it takes for something to be delivered–that is a virtue, at least for me.

When it comes to money in our lives, it may take years to realize what we have asked for.  However, in the meantime, we have acquired wisdom that makes us appreciate the money, and other gifts, a whole lot more.


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