Valentine’s is Coming…


With all the redness in the world, Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is coming.  It is a great day to be reminded about love and gratitude for all who are in our life and for all our life represents to us.  But let’s start today to inhale love and exhale gratitude every day.  It is all a part of being open and accepting to all that our life offers us each day.  It is also being open and accepting to money in our lives.  

It is also being open and accepting to the opportunities for us to put our money back into circulation.  Inhaling money cannot be done literally but it can be done figuratively–accept money and prosperity that comes your way.  Then exhale the gratitude for the money and prosperity.  Then watch how more prosperity and money comes your way naturally, just like inhaling.

Begin to practice, just like breathing, with money…Inhale money, Exhale gratitude, Inhale money.  It does take practice, but then just like breathing, it becomes an automatic action…try it, practice it, see it!



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