Do Not Hit “PAUSE”…

Born to Be

With all that has happened in the last months with our government, politics, and more, it is tempting to hit “PAUSE” and wait out the insanity!  Do not hit “PAUSE”.  You have a life you were born to live.  Resume your dreams.  Resume your life.  Step away from social media except to share your dream, your passion, your mission.  Do everything, but do not hit “PAUSE”.  This is a time in history that becoming angry can be quite tempting, but it is not with anger that your dream is achieved; it is with love.

Hitting “PAUSE” is a major temptation when it comes to money.  It happens when you hit a transition, you hit a snag, and things are not going the way you want them to go.  Rather than moving forward with loving action, which can be a panacea in and of itself, you stop and act out, sometimes in anger.  Or you cower in a corner afraid to move forward.  You hit “PAUSE” and you do nothing.  And nothing different happens. The money problem remains…it is my “green elephant” in the middle of the room.  It does not go away.  The green elephant cannot fit through the door or the windows…the only way it goes away is the same way it came, through your worry, through your negative imaginings.  It goes away when you can dissolve the image of the green elephant which money can become.  You dissolve it with self love, loving actions, and more self love.


The green elephant goes away when it knows that it is no longer wanted or needed to be an excuse not to talk about money!


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