What is Empower Excellence?

image002It is time to get back to my reason for blogging and for my business…It really is!  The Trump Administration is here to stay for the four years ahead.  There may be talk of impeachment and mid-term changes, but no one knows what will happen in the next moment or the next year.  So, let’s come to the NOW and why Empower Excellence became a reality, and the time is right to return to PURPOSE with the advance notice that there will be additional executive orders that will affect the Consumer Financial Protection activities and the DOL Rule, due for implementation in April, affecting retirement accounts for investors.

The efforts of the past Administration to educate and protect consumers in the financial arena will be GONE!

A thumbprint of my background is over 20 years in banking, financial planning, financial coaching and more which was topped off by being named as a FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority)Dispute Resolution Arbitrator in January of this year.  I left corporate Wall Street and even “Main Street” because there has been a subtle shift over the years away from benefiting the client and benefiting the corporate entity providing financial services.  Clients need education and guidance in making financial decisions not because they are incapable of understanding all of their choices and not because all advisers are dishonest, but because there are so many choices and lives change necessitating a change in direction.  It is not easy.  The education that qualified professionals are required to obtain and maintain is heavy.

Empower Excellence does exactly what the name implies:  We provide the tools through financial transition coaching to help our clients make the financial decisions they need to make without the emotional and stressful background that money often creates for clients through family legacy, culture, religion, and more.  We EMPOWER clients to achieve EXCELLENCE in their life without the financial stress.

Many times in my life, I have been told that I am “before my time” in my mission and passion; but the time is right now, and I have been doing what I do not only for 20+ years but also without the corporate background for 5 years.  It is my mission, it is my passion.

While many blogs do not even mention “money”, the topics all have to do with the emotions, the spirit, and more of “money”.  “Money” does not just happen in banks and checkbooks.  It happens in every part of our lives.  Money helps you live the life you desire.  Money is personal, and money is emotional.  And most people do not want to talk about money.  But this is the BIG GREEN ELEPHANT in the room–it does not go away.  It grows and grows until people run out of the room to find a place to hide and abide in the false security that they do not have to talk about it.

Empower Excellence is a safe place to feel, think, and talk about money safely.  It is a place to find refuge when life’s transitions hit and there is no apparent escape because the “money” is in the center of the room, and it looks like the BIG GREEN ELEPHANT has pooped at the worst possible moment in your life.  Empower Excellence is there to help you pick up the shit!

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