Sometimes, Just Sometimes, I Have Had Just About Enough to Resign!

Resignation as an Adult

Taking responsibility is a major fact when you own your own business!  If you don’t, you will pay the price.  If you do, you will pay the price.  Does not matter!  You are the only one to do it all!   And today has been one of those days when not being perfect and making mistakes months ago comes back to haunt you, or in this case, to haunt me.

I am not perfect nor do I want to be perfect, but I really do not like it when I goof something up!  Mainly because it takes time to unwind the mistake, and then it takes time to correct it and confess to any other party that I goofed.  

So now it is almost 5 PM, the traditional quitting time (that is really funny), and I have submitted my resignation as an adult for the day.  It will be better in the morning…


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