Casting Out My Net…

Joy is a Net of Love

There is in my heart a sense of gloom and doom, and it all has to do with the current state of affairs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  It affects the world.

It affects me tremendously after having almost two decades in good government.  Yes, it was years ago, but it is still a part of my foundation, and it covered federal, state, and local governments.  I was involved in business and labor issues, environmental issues, and more.  It can have a good effect on so many…

I cannot go on with this gloom and doom for four years, and, hopefully, no more than that.  Government affects the money of all on all levels, and this is not looking good for anyone but the top 1%.  But even they should be wary.  This is not good.

So, because I intend to go on beyond the four years, I have found my path personally and professionally.  I will cast a net of joy in all I do.  It is that simple:  I must have joy, and I must share that joy!


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