Begin with Yourself…


It is absolutely a primary foundation to trust yourself before you begin to trust others in your life and in the world.  When we are born, we have trust built in.  We have been sheltered and fed within our mother’s womb.  Now we enter a world that is a little strange, a lot strange, and we still have to trust others to meet our needs.  But the beginning of trusting ourselves begins…we cry for our needs, and hopefully, they are met.  We learn the consequences of our actions.  We provide the action, and our needs are answered.  It gets more complicated every moment, but somehow, we make it to being adults.  At this point, trust in ourselves has met various responses…  No matter what the responses have been, it is now time to trust ourselves.  Hopefully, we have a good guidance system in place–mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  That is trust in ourselves when it all works.  Find your trust and find yourself…


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