Money and Drama…

Polish Circus

This is a time for history.  This is a time for inauguration.  This is a time for swearing in.  This is a time for marches.  This is a time for drama.

But it is not a time for drama with money.

There are few people really looking out for you as an individual today.

We are returning to a state of chaos in many areas of American life.  It is a time of returning to fear in the fifties, sexual freedom in the sixties, women’s liberation in the seventies, and more.  I am a woman; I am for sexual freedom, for women’s liberation, and more.  During the last 8 years, I was beginning to feel that the American people were on the right path.  There was a paradigm shift occurring; Bernie Sanders can retell all about that.  I was a Bernie Sanders follower.  I am a part of working class America where my father stayed in his government position working hard for years.  My mother was a stay-at-home mother.  I am the only one of my siblings to graduate from college.  I like to think of myself as a conservative liberal who is truly a servant leader.  I have been a single parent for years.  I have never been rich, but I have never considered myself poor.  I have traveled a path to where I am today as an entrepreneur who sees my hard work, smart work, and perseverance beginning to pay off.  What is happening today is not my circus, not my monkeys.

I believe in the Women’s March, but I had no desire to join it.  I believe in the Resistance that will take 4 years to remove the current government, if you can call it that.  But I am not marching, I am not preaching, I am not posting about this on social media.  I believe it is time for me, and I am the only opinion I can express, to stay the course, to keep my beliefs, and not to become involved in all of the drama.  I am looking forward to living in small town America in the coming weeks; I am looking forward to expanding my business in the coming years; and I am looking forward to employing others in a productive, meaningful venture.  I am not seeking drama; I am not seeking money.  The drama will be all around me for 4 years; the money will flow because of Source and Flow.  But there will be no drama surrounding the money…I am determined to live so that there will be no circus and there will be no monkeys in my life!


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