Breathing in a New…

Butterflies...Breathe Them In

Moment, Day,Week, Life?  

It is a melancholy kind of evening as we approach a new week.  There is a feeling within me that is signaling change is coming on big time!  And I know that, but it is different to feel it.

I am fighting the urge to throw out all of my years of journaling; really, I am.  I do not go back to my journals, and I am feeling so strongly that a new book, not just a chapter, but a book, of my life is beginning.  Purging 12 years of life where I currently live as I prepare to move to Oberlin is a challenge, and I have 6 weeks left–a busy 6 weeks–to accomplish all of the packing.  I feel good doing it, and very little is being disposed of.  I have already begun a somewhat minimalist lifestyle, and the things that are going with me in the move are the things that I love.

So why do I just want to put the boxes of journals out with the trash–seriously, I do not care if someone were to pick them up and read them.  There is very little that is juicy in the past 12 years.  And, if they did, what does it matter?  It is like releasing the past in this moment so that I can move on to the future NOW.  

I need to breathe the fresh new air of this moment, so I guess I have made the decision–out the journals go.  Let me breathe the new air.  Let me look at life anew.


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