And the Transition Begins When?

Caterpillars Change

January is usually a month of change; a month of change that does not last into February.  And the desired transition usually lies in the area of food, money, and exercise.  Of course, there could be many other areas, but these three are areas where people want to see change.  The choices are not as important as the fact that people want to change themselves.  They want to eat less, have more money to spend, and weigh less!  They desperately want change; they make resolutions; they buy different food; they start a budget; and they join a gym.  What they have not found is the inner motivation to really want to be something different.  They know on the surface that those changes are needed but they have not done the hard work.  That hard work is to love themselves enough to be motivated to make the inner changes to want to love themselves more.  No one likes change; however, when the change comes from within, there is more of a chance that it will begin and that it will last.  If you want change, look in the mirror and see how much you love yourself.  Is it enough to begin the transition?  When you can say that you love yourself enough, that is when the transition begins.

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