In the Silence Comes the Knowing…

Be Still and Know

In the peacefulness of an early quiet Monday morning, I have already learned a major lesson:  be careful what you tell yourself because your inner child is listening.  I know this for a fact as of this morning.  For weeks dealing with loss of voice and an upper respiratory “thing” and needing lots and lots of sleep, I was quite concerned about my early morning trip to “the little people”, which is today.  I also had learned in the past days, that I do wake up two hours before I need to get up in order to provide my soul with meditation and communication time..  That combination of thinking was brought home this morning at 2:30 AM, following 6 hours of sleep.  It was exactly two hours before I had to be up in order to eat a healthy breakfast, do my blog, etc. and be on the road.  The inner mind is listening especially when I am silent and I know that all will work out the way it is supposed to.  Amazing this think called spiritual guidance!    


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