Emergence Just Happens!

Butterfly Escaping Earth Peace 7 8 16

What will it take for you to emerge as the person you want to be?  Or do you even know what you want to be?   Do you even know who you are?  Questions are not what you are looking for if this is the case; it is answers that you seek.  BUT, it is important to know the questions first so that you can recognize the answers when they emerge.  Sounds like a conundrum, or at least a riddle, to me.

Years of experience seeking answers have led me to a new approach over the last 15 years or so.  Be quiet.  Yes, stop talking, stop thinking, and be quiet.  Ok, you may think this is crazy thinking, but it is not.  Be quiet.  I learned how to meditate in the late ’90’s through my participation in a local Unity church.  Not the Unitarian Universalist church, the Unity church.  This is always a mistaken thought by many, and I thought I would clear it up right here.  

Being raised Catholic, I always had a religious perspective, but that has not sat right with me for at least over 30 years.  Catholic is a religion; and I was hungry for something else.  That hunger turned out to be for food for my soul, or spirituality.  I had been in the habit of praying for what I thought I might be searching for; that did not do it.  But learning how to meditate, truly being quiet, at Unity, changed my path tremendously.  Unity was a source of delighted inspiration, new learning that made “quiet” ok, and I do mean “quiet” totally not only in voice but also in mind.  What I learned was that this type of “quiet” brought peace or “quiet” to the soul as well as the mind and the voice.  

And slowly but surely the quiet emerged, and with it came an understanding of my own spirituality.  On that path I remain.  I outgrew Unity several years ago when it, too, was becoming religion for me.  My heart, soul, and mind kept growing and seeking, and it is amazing what has emerged since then…


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