What Was That Caterpillar Thinking?


Transformation is not easy.  I fact, it can take a whole lifetime; and, I am sure, that is how a caterpillar feels when its transformation begins.  I cannot help but feel that a lot of listening by the caterpillar occurs, which can lead to a lot of respect of what is happening.  That is, if a caterpillar has that ability.  But, in the end, a sense of love has to emerge when the transformation takes the caterpillar from its original state into the state of a butterfly.

I have been known to compare the caterpillar’s transformation to the transformation as a general process.  And it is a beautiful comparison; but it is also a powerful comparison.  Acknowledging the butterfly’s path to becoming a butterfly, it is also unknown if the butterfly even knows that it is happening or that it has happened at the conclusion.  And that is a lesson to be learned.  So many times, no matter what the goal of a transformation may be, we as humans do not fully realize when we begin a transformation in our lives.  We may know where we are, we may know where we want to end up, and we may know the generic steps to take, but the path is never certain–there are twists and turns along the way.  And sometimes we are even unaware when we have completed any part or the total transformation.  It becomes apparent in strange ways, sometimes to others before ourselves.  

But in the end the transformation has required deep listening, respect, and a lot of love of self.  And, in the end, the transformation bestows a certain degree of power on the one that has been transformed.  In that power, comes more love, more respect, and more deep listening albeit of a totally different kind.


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