Why Did I Dream of Oberlin?


Short and sweet answer:  I am an optimist who is spiritually grounded and I thrive in a community and atmosphere of equality, justice, sustainability, and diversity.  I am a liberal who has a strong conservative bent.  I am a minimalist, and I respect the Earth.  Over the years since 1997, when I first visited Oberlin as a resident of Vermilion, I found all of this.  It is not utopia, but it is real.  And now, with great determination and faith, I overcame the obstacle of finding adult appropriate residences, it is a College town after all, and it is on to Oberlin!  There is much in Oberlin that makes it a wonderful community–movie theatre, live theatre, art museum, restaurants that care about the source and quality of food, an environment that shuns corporate America (Walmart, McDonalds, etc.), fantastic libraries, historical programs, and so much more.  Is it “LALALAND”?  No.  But it is real, and it is part of my dream for my future! 


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