A Transformation To Be Thankful For!

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OMG!  The Universe is aligned with our thoughts, with our hearts, with our minds, and with our souls!  Several years ago I decided I would like to live in Oberlin, Ohio!  A college town with a totally diverse community.  Yes, I wanted to move there, but I gave up on it for a lot of reasons.  This past year, I committed to moving to Oberlin.  I looked at rental properties, I met with landlords, I completed applications, I steeped myself in Oberlin.  In several months, I will be moving there just like I said “ideally” in March, and I am.  In an adult appropriate home, and I am.  And there is so much to this.

But more than anything, I am thankful for oh so many reasons.  This is something that I believe is a major transformation for me.  It is time 33 years after a divorce, 6 years after ending a very long-term relationship that lasted for about 25 years, and 12 years after moving into my current home in Westlake.  There were relationships, there were addresses, but this move is finding community.  I am finally ready to transform myself in a way I have never done before.  

It is time, and I am ready, and I am thankful.  Have no expectations.  I just know this town in ways I have never felt before.  It is a transformation assisted by the Universe and God, and I am thankful!


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