Butterfly Fly!


Several years ago, a very talented artist and friend, Jody Soland, shared with me a song she had written.  She shared the song because Jody knew that butterflies are a major part of my life, my business, and my belief in transformation.  

One day away from the New Year of 2017, I would like to share the lyrics of the song with you as I have personally declared 2017 as “My Year of the Butterfly”.  So, here we go into a year that will be a year of personal and professional transformation for me, and I invite you to transform in your own special way day by day.

Butterfly Fly             Jody Soland    June, 2013

I was sitting all alone

on the front porch swing

Lost in my worrying


She came fluttering along

like a gift out of thin air

with her stained glass wings

She didn’t have a care


And I swear

she landed on my sleeve

and through my tears

I could clearly see


I could choose to let go

of all the pain and sorrow

from all the years

I’ve held here

in a heart that fears tomorrow


I wrapped a ball and chain around my soul

She came here to whisper let it go

and fly


I just sat there for a while

as still as I could be

Hoping she wouldn’t leave


But the “flowers” in my garden

took her attention away

and she danced all around them

as if to say


Come play

they way you used to do

come fly

just me and you


2017 will be my year of the butterfly, my year of transformation…




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