Getting Back to the Silence…

Silence is Beautiful

Holidays are a tough time for folks, and until tonight I usually muddle through them fairly easily.  Sometimes, out of the blue, venom flows out of the mouth of a babe that strikes your heart and tortures your soul!  That happened tonight, and it will hurt for a long time.  More than that, it was powerful enough to bring tears that have not stopped.  There is no being rational here, and there is the wish that the silence could return, that the quiet in my heart and soul could easily go back to their peaceful state.  But then words once spoken are out there, and they are not silent, they are loud and piercing and disruptive.  And they will always be out there.  Whether they are true or not, they are out there in all of their stinging glory!

But I will bring back the quiet.  I have already started by discussing the truth of the matter brought to light by the speaker and the subject of their words.  I know the truth even though it may be forgotten by the speaker.  But I will bring back the quiet.  I have learned how to do that over the years through intuition, meditation, and peaceful listening for the quiet, and that silence is beautiful.  It is peaceful, it is reaffirming, and it is what life is really all about.  Yes, the silence is beautiful!


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