Moments of Bliss!


Trying every day to live my dream, some days it is more necessary than others.  Life is good.  Eating well, sleeping well, and in my heart, I know that my dream is in process.  But then why do I have to remind myself to start living my dream?   Because a dream is to be shared, and my dream is marching on without the support of those who are nearest and dearest to me.  Not to be the victim, if you were to talk to my sons or my sisters what I do day to day to make my dream come true, I am not sure they would really have a clue!  I am hoping that this previous statement will raise the ire of all of those family members.  I would appreciate that because it would mean I am wrong.

I am sure many of you feel the same…being an entrepreneur is a very lonely role to play in life.  We seek our dreams without a lot of support.  And so, today, let us all start living our dream and find community among watch other.



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