Bamboo Has Lessons to Teach…


Rome and its historic roots still remain today.  Taking centuries to build, and not always in a humane way, visiting Rome today will still allow you to see what the glory of Rome once was and still is.  It is just different today…

And I am sure when Rome was “appearing” many thought that it would never become a glorious city, but it did.  Today, as I am a very sustainability-concerned person, bamboo has become a favorite building material for me because of its amazing ability to regenerate.  Chinese bamboo is growing even when it looks like nothing is happening.  While the roots are growing deep, the rest of the plant is almost invisible, and then the stalks pop up to amazing heights.  Taking my life lately, I seem to be plodding along, albeit with a plan, and nothing appears.  I am continuing to do my root work, and I know in the proper time that I will be the bamboo stalk, growing wildly and ready to be visible.

I know I will be sustainable moving forward, and I know that, like Rome, I will be around for many decades, doing what I am preparing to do; and, when I am no longer in this physical world, what I have built will live on.



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