Choosing Divinity Daily…


There is a huge division regarding religion and spirituality, and I am not going there, now or ever…  But what I do want to share is my belief that there is a Divine Spark within each of us.  Period.  And it is that Divine Spark, which I choose to think of as “spirituality” reflecting my belief that the Spirit within us is the Divine Spark.  For me, that is important, for it is what drives me daily helping me make decisions with ease.  Looking back on the photos from Italy and Venice and Rome, it is fantastic how much effort was put into building churches.  Churches that still stand today, and, somehow, those churches are a home to the Divine Sparks yet today.  They are community centers for peace and quiet.  It does not matter if you are of a certain religion or not, you are welcome there.  For there is where your Spirit, your Divine Spark, can become quiet and find its way as often as it is needed, even daily.


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