It Does Not Have to be a Mansion…


In Rome it became quote apparent that living there is more the lifestyle than magnificence…It is a lesson that I have been keeping in mind as I begin in earnest to find housing in 2017 in Oberlin.  For 12 years I have lived the typical suburban townhouse lifestyle.  I am used to living in new or newer homes for most of my life.  It does eliminate some problems while creating other situations.  But now, I am looking for a lifestyle rather than magnificence.  Yes, I am serious about finding adult appropriate housing where I can launch the new version of Empower Excellence while creating my idea of what real life is all about.  I am looking for community and all that connotes.  I want to be close to nature, I want to be close to culture, I want to be safe.  I an looking for a peaceful place where diversity is a matter of course.  I am looking…


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