Change is On the Way…


As I look back to the day in 2006 when this photo was taken, life was very different.  But even today, in 2016, with the fond memories of Venice still present, I know that change is on its way today, and every day.  I am built to change.  I really think we all are, but many of us do not want change.  I have had a taste of that for the last 12 days with my self-imposed retreat to wellness.  It is rare I am ill, but this cold and loss of voice hit hard from Day 1.  This time I decided to flow with the change.  And I have, and it is not over.  With the most festive season of the year upon us, I am participating fully in the most important ways–with my total family for three days at Christmas.  Also, I am fully participating with the many, many women in my three networking groups of the regional Professional Women’s Connection.  This is all very important as I sit at my desk in my newly cleaned and purged office and I look at the neatly piled binders and documents to do my strategic planning for 2017.  I am ready to be totally present in 2017, and that includes choosing my priorities and strategies for those priorities.  Yes, no matter how much planning goes on, there will be surprises, but I want to make sure that what I know is important is at the top of all lists, and that includes family and the women who support me as I support them in their businesses.  There is much more in the planning, much of which is uncertain yet at this time, but I want to be ready when January 1 strikes to know in my heart of hearts and mind of minds where my priorities are.

The very beginning of my business is in the rear view mirror, and I no longer take clients because of the fee they will pay.  I choose everything I do very carefully because after 4 years I know that the Universe, aka God, is taking care of me every step of my way as long as I remain true to my purpose in life.  

Venice was a part of the purpose, learning to appreciate different cultures, and there will be future travels, but for now, I am on my way to change again…taking Empower Excellence to the next step.


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