Finding the Memories…


Losing your voice presents many challenges and many opportunities.  For 12 hours yesterday, still without a voice and still using up boxes and boxes of kleenexes, I tackled “the closet”.  The results is a haven for trash pickers this week as well as boxes and boxes to be shredded.  It has been almost 12 years that I have lived where I live.  But the beauty in all of this is that I found things I did not fully appreciate.  And hundreds of 2006 pictures from Italy are among those.  They are more than memories, they are a symbol of what my life has not been for 10 years.  My move to Oberlin is a return to finding me again, or finding the new me.  Whichever it is, I took the time to purge, and in the purging, I found many pieces of me that were almost forgotten!  


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