Staying in the Fog a Bit Longer…


I am in a fog–for the first time ever, I had a cough syrup hangover yesterday morning as my body rebelled against “drugs”, but “drugs” were the only thing that were working on day 3 of the “gift” from the Universe.  So, yesterday, I began withdrawal and am experiencing the authentic symptoms of this malady.  I am sleeping more every night, and i know this is a matter of time over matter.  My voice is still probably at less than 10% as witnessed by two phone conversations I had to have this morning.  I have determined once again in day 5 that this is a battle I am not choosing to fight.  It is not a battle, it is a manifestation of a lack of self care, even though I do take care of myself.  There is that one nagging area that was left unattended, and it got me.  It forced me to STOP, and I did.  The really important battle is being planned for 2017, and the Universe is preparing me.  


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