The Butterflies Return…


A great spangled fritillary taking nector on the flower of a butterfly weed, a variety of milkweed, growing in a borrow pit in Delaware County. 


I have been known to say that the butterflies are gone, and more often, I note that the butterflies are back!  So, what is my preoccupation with butterflies?

empower excellence logo_no textWell, butterflies are the symbol of transformation, which is common to all of us, and transformation is ever present, with each of us transforming at our own rate…

But there are periods of time on social media when butterflies are plentiful, and then there are times that they are not.  To me, it is a sign that much transformation is happening, or not.

But, what I have realized is that I make my own blessings, I make my own transformation, and I decide how many butterflies appear, and, when they do appear, blessings are on the way, because I make my own blessings!

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